Komatsukan Kofutei



We offer three dining plans: “Japanese-style Full Course” plan, “Charcoal-grill” plan and “In-room Dining” plan. Please select a plan that suits your taste. We take pride in our commitment to preparing and serving the finest ingredients and cooking styles for each dish.

“Japanese-style Full Course” plan

Delicious dishes prepared and served using locally produced ingredients.
Japanese cuisine using fresh ingredients from Matsushima and the surrounding area are served with gorgeous presentation in a multiple course style.

“Charcoal-grill” plan

Your favorite ingredients are grilled using a bengara
(a color close to vermillion) charcoal grill.

“In-room Dining” plan

This special dining style allows you to enjoy dishes using ingredients from various parts of the Tohoku region, while you relax in the comfort of your room.
This plan is available for guests who stay in a room with one of our fine view baths, “Matsukaze,” “Oimatsu” or “Sekkoku.”

Guest room with open-air bath, “Sekkoku”

A special guest room with an open-air bath facing Matsushima Bay.
“Sekkoku” derives from the name of the flower that blooms in Zuiganji Temple, a National Treasure.
Please enjoy blissful moments of your journey in an initimate atmosphere.

Suite with a sky view bath, “Uminiwa”

- Capacity: 6 persons-
“Uminiwa” is a suite with a sky view bath that captures a remarkable “just the right view” of Matsushima. This suite might better be referred to as “a bath with a room.”
You can enjoy taking a nap on the wood deck terrace.
There are two rooms: one Japanese-style tatami mat living room (10-mat size) and one Japanese-style bedroom with two Simmons® beds.

Suite with a fine view bath, “Oimatsu”

This suite includes a Japanese-style room (10 tatami mat size) and a drawing room with a fine view that can be used in a variety of ways; you can enjoy chatting in one room while the rest of your group sleep in the other room, or the rooms can be opened up for a larger group such as a family reunion of 2 or 3 generations.

Guest room with a fine view bath, “Matsukaze”

A high-grade Japanese-style room where you can feel wabi (austere refinement.)
This is a popular guest room that allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of Matsushima Bay through elegant pine trees from both the main room and the bath.

Spacious suite (12.5 + 6 mat size)

- Capacity 8 persons -
A spacious Japanese-style suite
A couple can enjoy serene moments in this gorgeous suite, or a family can take advantage of the spaciousness for a family reunion.

Ten mat guest room

- Capacity 5 persons -
Matsushima’s scenery will fascinate you with its perpetual change from your arrival to your departure. Enjoy the scenery of Matsushima as it unfolds through the large windows. It is a special feature of our hotel that allows you to enjoy a different view from each floor and each room.

Japanese-style modern guest room

-Capacity 2 persons -
This is a Japanese-style modern guest room, with two low beds provided in a Japanese-style arrangement.
Breathe in the beautiful view of Matsushima.

Guest room (8-mat size), “Omomuki”

- Capacity 3 persons -
The guest room, “Omomuki” features the atmosphere of traditional Japanese-style wood buildings.
• The large window allows you to take in a full view of Matsushima.

Corner suite, “Sendai Hagi”

– a beautiful Japanese-style suite with a beautiful window and a perfectly comfortable bed
- Capacity 2~5 persons-
To be reborn on August 1 as a gorgeous, stylish suite while retaining its traditionally designed Japanese taste.
This suite promises you blissful moments previously unheard of or never experienced.


Matsushima Onsen (Hot Spring Baths)

Natural hot spring water, flowing from ancient geologic stratum, is smooth and gentle on the skin.

Hot Spring Type
Simple alkaline hot spring (hypotonic, alkaline, thermal)
Recommended for
Neuralgia, muscular pain, joint pain, frozen shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, contusions, twisted joints, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoids, excessive sensitivity to cold. The hot waters generally help with recovery from illness, sooth, and offer health improvement.
Not recommended for guests with:
Dysfunction of kidneys, bleeding disease, serious anemia, during pregnancy;
Acute diseases (in particular while feverish), active tuberculosis, malignant tumor, serious cardiac disease, and respiratory disorders

Chartered open-air bath/tachiyu (deep bath), “Asahimi no yu”

Opening the door, an enchanted sea garden unfolds before your eyes.
Between clouds of rising mist, you can see one, two… many small islands.
The rippling waves pleasantly comfort you. You have Matsushima all for yourself.

Bath Information
• Limited to 20 couples per day.
• If you do not have an accommodation plan which includes priority use, you can only use the bath if it is available on that day.
* Make a reservation after check-in. We recommend that you check in early.
• Limited to 45 minutes per couple (2000yen)
• You can use either “Asahimi no yu” or “Hermitage bath, Shiosai no yu.”
[Hours open]
(Night) 16:00~23:00 (last bath time)
(Morning) 5:00~9:00 (last bath time)
• Tachiyu is 130cm deep. If you are with children, please take extra precaution.
• The bathtub is large enough for 5 to 6 persons to soak in a relaxed manner.
• The bath room has no space for washing your body. Please refrain from using soap or shampoo.

Large public bath, “Miharashi no yu”

Enjoy taking a bath in the afternoon when the sea glistens, at night when the moon reflects on the water, or in the morning as the sun rises. From the large bath, you can watch the sea, sky, and small islands, while you soak away the routines of mundane daily life.

Bath Information
• There are two different types of baths. In the early morning, the bath for women and the bath for men are switched.
• Hours open Night: 15:00~24:00 Morning: 4:30~10:00

Open-air bath “Shio no koroten”

Black-tailed gulls call out.
Their resounding calls waft through the breeze.
This small open-air bath is where you can feel the gentleness of Matsushima.
This gentle bath will give you a peaceful feeling.

Bath Information
• Hours open Women: 15:00~24:00
Men: 4:30~10:00
• This bath is attached to the large public bath “Miharashi no yu.”
Please note that this bath is available for women and men at different times of the day.

Otsukimidai (moon-viewing place)/foot bath

When you stay with us, please come to this popular place to relax and stretch your legs, while enjoying the “breeze of Matsushima,” “moon of Matsushima,” “rising sun of Matsushima,” “sea breeze of Matsushima,” and other natural sensations.
Enjoy a panoramic view of Matsushima Bay.

Use Information
• Hours open 11:30~22:00 (Morning: 6:00~10:00)

Hotel information

Our hotel stands on a hill overlooking Matsushima Bay shaded by pine trees growing along the seaside. We await your visit with our wonderful views from the hotel and heartfelt hospitality.

  • Lobby
    The gentle waves and large pine trees whisper softly, “Would you like to talk about your journey over a cup of tea?”
  • Restaurant “Sazanami”
    Specially selected delicacies are grilled over charcoal and served piping hot.
  • Otsukimidai
    (moon-viewing place)/foot bath
    The sky glows with the morning sun and the sea shines on a moonlit night. The scenes viewed from here will be a lasting beautiful memory of your journey.
  • Yamaki Dining
    You can enjoy exquisite cuisine in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Lounge bar “Shiokaze”
    • CAFE TIME/11:30~
    We welcome you with special treats such as changing varieties of coffee beans each month.
    • BAR TIME/20:00~
    Enjoy sipping a cocktail made and served by our professional bartending staff.
    • CAFE TIME/11:30~
      • BAR TIME/20:00~
  • Shop
    A shop that offers a fine selection of items, such as local sake, tableware hand-selected by the proprietress, and much more.

Map and Access

Komatsu-kan Kofutei is located in a quiet spot near the heart of the Matsushima waterfront area. It is a short walk to Matsushima’s famous sightseeing spots and the Matsushimakaigan train station.